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Wine quality comes from vineyard! Three roles are fundamental for us: each vine has its own soil, each plant must be in health, night harvest.

Spread over 36 hectars varying from 4 to 50 years old age, all located on the southern-west side of Staffolo from 350 to 450 meters, our vineyards find in this ancient producion area their suitable habitat on sandy lands, rich of waters and minerals on the upper part and calcareous clay on the bottom part, depending on the vine.The Native grapes of Verdicchio and Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Merlot plus some lines of Trebbiano and Malvasia.

Winter pruning on time, respecting the vine lymphatic systems, efficient water drainage management with underground tubes and connections, methodic green pruning, the best shoots selection, low yield per hectar, full grapes phenolic ripening achievement, night harvest with low temperatures.

This allows fresh and ripe grapes to be brought to the cellar with perfect balance between grapeseed-pulp-skin, to avoid most of the oxydation during the pressing phase, guaranteeing presence the final wine with many scents that otherwise would be lost.

Società Agricola Tre Castelli s.s.

Via San Francesco, 2/A - 60039 Staffolo (AN) ITALIA
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