The breath-taking view from Staffolo Caste gives the idea of the strategic relevance of this site dated VI – VII century. Uncertain name etymology among its histories, myths, barbarities and civilizations many theories have been proposed. According to a the legend, the name of Castle could have come from the legendary wine mentor “Staphilos” (Stafilo), Arianna’s son, who saw Staffolo as a suitable place to cultivate his vines. Stafilè in greek means “grapes bunch”.

Staffolo's coat of arms
Stafilo, son of Arianna, and a lover of Verdicchio wine
Church of San Francesco of 1230

The second historical theory dates back to Lombardic name “Staffil”, border pole, because Staffolo was on the border of two different Dukedoms. Today, the still well preserved medievel town walls can be seen while the crossing narrow alleys that connect the two churches of Sant’Egidio and San Francesco that still preserve their wonderful romanic gates and the Art Wine Museum which have a collection of ancient grapes oak presses with a stone basement dated back to 1695.

For 50 years, Every August, for four long days, Staffolo turns into into a real “hostaria” for the Verdicchio Festival where all the Staffolo’s wineries serve wine by wooden kiosk and hut, gastronomic stands, live concerts and city games, until late in the night. A real Wine Party!

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